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Portrait Photography


Your portrait can be created in my Columbia, MD studio, in your home or at a location that has special meaning for you.

Your family portrait is a special event.  Having gathered your family together you want to create a lasting memory of this moment.  James will create an artistic image that captures your family’s personality.  He will set you at ease and make you forget that he is not part of the family.

Clothing choices:

Families: Choose colors that are flattering to your family.  They do not all need to be the same.  Instead, choose from a “family” of colors.  For example: earth tones, black and white, greens, blues, etc.  When your colors are coordinated the focus is on your faces rather than on your clothing.  Combinations that work well together:  jeans and  black;  khakis and cream , black or white;

I enjoy people and want them to look their best when they come to me for a portrait.  If you know you look good in what you are wearing, it will show in the final portrait.  

Look at our Portrait Gallery for samples.

All services by appointment only. Click to learn more about headshot photography.   410-730-5981   or use our Contact Us page