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Professional Headshot Photography in Columbia MD



I create headshots in my studio in Columbia, MD and on location in Columbia, Ellicott City and the surrounding area.  The best headshots are made with a good plan.

Headshot Photography....

All of our headshots have regular portrait retouching included.

Depending on your needs, your photo shoot can take place at my studio or on location.  We will work together to get the look you need. 

Many headshots are used for professional web sites with a traditional, simple light colored background. They can be cropped as a tight head and shoulder or have a looser crop for a more relaxed feel.  


Professionals…..When planning for your session, consider some different looks.  If your work requires a suit, you might bring a couple of different ties, or scarves, or jewelry. 

Actors and performers….. your headshot can be quite different from a business headshot.  More dramatic lighting and posing are often used.

Authors…..Depending on the desired look, these are taken equally often in the studio or on location. 


The creation fee for headshots depends on whether the sitting is in the studio or on location and how many different looks you want.

Sittings start at $149

Most headshots are delivered as digital files and are priced per image.

File prices start at $78     Pricing is based on the size of the digital file delivered.


Look at the Headshot Gallery for samples.     By appointment only. Click to learn more about portrait photography.   410-730-5981   or use the Contact Us Page